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  • On Monday December 13th, 2010, starting at 10 am, the Autonomous Women's Center is organizing a seminar "CEDAW and its possibilities - Role of women NGO’s" which will be held in Belgrade, Center ‘’Sava’’, hall 6 / 1.

    Guest of the Autonomous Women's Center and a lecturer at the seminar will be Mrs. Eleanor Solo, from the Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW), professional services the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) and the UN Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW Committee). DAW is primarily engaged in establishing cooperation with women's NGOs and other organizations working on gender issues and the academic community.

    The aim of the seminar is to improve knowledge about the possibilities that CEDAW and the Optional Protocol offer, as well as other United Nations mechanisms that are working in the field of the advancement of the position of women.

    The program of the seminar is available here.

  • Autonomous Women’s Center organized two seminars in Center Sava "Perpetrators of domestic violence - who does what to whom?" and “Domestic violence, child protection and parental rights - Three planets” on October the 18th and 19th; the lecturer was Prof PhD Marianne Hester who holds the Chair in Gender, Violence and International Policy in the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol in Great Britain.


  • On Tuesday, August 31st,  2010 at the hotel M, starting at 11:00 am, the Autonomous Women’s Center from Belgrade and the Women’s Research Center from Nis, will hold a public presentation of the research ’’Family law protection from domestic violence in the practice of courts in Serbia’’.

    The study included court cases in which protection orders from domestic violence were requested, whether litigated as initial suits or as secondary claims, with the proceedings in divorce cases, in the period from the second half of 2006 until the first half of 2008, before the 26 courts in Serbia.

  • Network WomenPovertyDevelopment (50 women NGO’s) has prepared amendments to the Law on Amendments to Law on Games of Chance. Having in mind that the proposed Law is currently in parliamentary procedure, amendments are submitted to the Committee for Gender Equality with the request to the Committee to propose the amendments to the Parliamentary Assembly which is in accordance with their mandate.

    With this amendments was suggested that 5% of the funds earmarked for sport are to be renamed in funds intended for organizations that work to improve the position of women (with the following explanations). It is a small percentage that would only partially correct injustice visible in the budget appropriations for men sports teams.

    PDF fileAmendment proposals to the Draft Law on Amendments and Additions to the Law on Games of Chance

  • Autonomous Women’s Center has created comments on the Draft National Strategy for Combating Domestic Violence in the Republic of Serbia. AWC requested withdrawal of this document from further procedure and creation of new document in participative process and in line with the National Strategy for Improving the Position of Women and Promotion of Gender Equality

    PDF fileComments on Draft National Strategy

  • Round table “Women’s rights - issue that cannot wait" was organized by Autonomous Women's Center and the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights of the Republic of Serbia,  on December 18, 2009 in Media Center, Belgrade. On this occasion, to celebrate 30th anniversary of the UN Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Ms Sanja Jašarević-Kužić, Assistant of the Minister and Ms Gordana Mohorović, Senior Adviser from the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights reported on activities of the Ministry regarding preparation of the Second and the Third Periodic Report for the UN Committee, reform of the reporting process within the UN and the Ministry, and on cooperation with civil society in the process of report creation.
    Representatives and associates of Autonomous Women's Center Ms Nataša Jovanović, Ms Jelena Višnjić and Ms Tanja Ignjatović presented data on implementation of Concluding comments of the UN Committee for the State of Serbia in the field of violence against women, presenting national and local level of action. Publication "Mapping gaps” on independent monitoring on implementation of Concluding comments and recommendations of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women for the Republic of Serbia" was presented (financially supported by United Nation Development Program and Institute for Sustainable Communities).

    In the discussion representatives of gender equality mechanisms and state bodies have participated: Mr Žarko Šunderić, Ms Leila Ruždić-Trifunović, Ms Jana Kačarević, Ms Vesna Šijački and Ms Bobana Macanović from AWC.

    PDF file A Summary of findings and recommendations

  • On December 10, 2009 representative of Autonomous women's center Jelena Keserović participated in 21st meeting of Western Balkans Contact Group, at European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels. Participant at the meeting were members of European Commission, European Parliament and civil society organizations from Serbia (Confederation of Autonomous Trade Unions, Branch Union Confederation 'Independence', Pensioners Association, Association of Business Women of Serbia, Serbian Association of Employers and Center for Independent Living Serbia).


  • Capacity Development Workshop for CSO Women Advocates to Commemorate30th CEDAW Anniversary, 19 - 20 November 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

    Autonomous women's center participated in two day workshop organized by UNUFEM and Open Society Institute from Budapest. Workshop was organized for women advocates from CEE/CIS region to commemorate 30th CEDAW anniversary.


  • Autonomous Women’s Centerhave created general comments on  “Draft Law on Preventing Domestic Violence”, whose authors are Mr. Sasa Gajin, Ms. Violeta Kocic – Mitacek and Ms. Tanja Drobnjak, which was created as a project activity of the Center for Peace and Democracy Development and financially supported by the Delegation of the European Commission.

    Having in mind that domestic violence is a serious society problem, which has been the focus of the Autonomous Women’s Center’s work for the past 16 years, we disagree with the process which hadn’t included previous public discussion and serious analyses, and which resulted in creation of the draft of such Law, in a manner in which was created.

    We are concerned because this Draft of the Domestic violence Law in it’s operationalization is showing great logical mistakes and misunderstanding of the idea/theories on which that Law should be based on, and it would represent ‘’step backwards’’ to the hardly achieved level of legal protection from domestic violence, whose victims are mostly women.

    We are especially concerned because this bad draft will be base for Law making by the working group formed by Gender Equality Directorate. This group doesn't have a single representative from women's organizations.

    PDF file General comments on Draft

    Amendments related to Criminal Code changes in the field of Domestic Violence were adopted by the National Assembly of Serbia. Civic action, initiated by Autonomous Women’s Center, Women’s Research Center and Victimology Society of Serbia in cooperation with Civic Defender (Ombudsman) and his Deputy for Gender Equality, was supported by more than 60 civil society organizations in Serbia.

    Two Ombudsman’s Amendments to the Draft Criminal Code were completely adopted and the most important one is related to increased penalties for first 3 Paragraphs (of 5) of the Criminal Act of Domestic Violence (Article 194 of the Criminal Code). The Government has already suggested increased penalties for Paragraphs 4 and 5.


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