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  • Letter of the Autonomous Women's Center addressed to the European Commission - European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, with regard to the Screening Report for Serbia on Chapter 24, that has not set up any benchmark regarding women's enjoyment of human rights with respect to justice, freedom and security.

    PDF fileLetter to the EU Commission

  • Open Letter to Members of Parliament Regarding the Selection of the New Commissioner for Equality

    May 05, 2015: This letter - signed by more than 200 civil society organizations in Serbia which represent rights of Roma women, women with disability, children, LGBT persons and other discriminated groups in society – is a request to repeat the procedure for selection of the Commissioner for Equality due to irregularities in procedure and neglecting criteria required for this position.

  • Belgrade, 7/11/2014 | INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: Implementation of Council of Europe Convention on VAW – one year anniversary from its ratification in the Republic of Serbia

    konferencija711 s
    The conference was dedicated to activities on harmonization of the laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia with the provisions of the Convention (Chapter V – Substantive law and VI - Investigation, prosecution, procedural law and protective measures).


  • 30/9/2014 Skopje |  REGIONAL CONFERENCE: From signing to ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on Violence against Women

    konferencija skopjeSkopje, 30/9/2014 Representatives of Autonomous Women's Center participated in the conference “Improving the protection of survivors and the prosecution of perpetrators of gender-based violence and domestic violence”, which was held on September 30th – October 1st, 2014 in Skopje. The Conference was dedicated to the Council of Europe Convention on Violence against Women, so the main topics includedthe experiences of countries in South East Europe and Turkey in the process of signing and ratifying the Convention.


  • 30/6/2014, Belgrade | COMPENSATION: Initiative for realisation of right to compensation for victims of criminal offenses

    balkans act now sASTRA – Anti Trafficking Action and the Autonomous Women’s Centre have launched an initiative that the Republic of Serbia, as a signatory to the European Convention on the Compensation of Victims of Violent Crimes, ratify it. On this occasion, proposals for improvement of the legal framework for the exercise of these rights have been prepared, which were presented at a press conference at the Media Center, on June 30, 2014.


  • 26/6/2014, Belgrade | Application „BEZBEDNA“ (SAFE) for an emergency call for help

    mob appAn Android application “BEZBEDNA” (SAFE), by which girls and women in situations of violence can send an urgent message to 4 telephone numbers preset as ‘protectors’, as well as to call police, emergency ambulance, centre for social welfare or SOS helpline, has been presented at the press conference organized by the Autonomous Women's Center.


  • 20/6/2014, Belgrade | FREE LEGAL AID: Proposals for amending the Draft Law on Free Legal Aid

    Representatives of the Autonomous Women's Centre, Praxis and Lawyers’ Committee for Human Rights (YUCOM), members of the ad hoc working group for amending the Draft Law on Free Legal Aid (FLA), have prepared the proposals for amending this Law. In the proposal, it has been suggested how the issues of beneficiaries, providers, managing and financing should be regulated.

    More information available in the proposal (PDF).

  • Stop Targeting Hungarian NGOs!

    crno sSince its re-election, the Hungarian government launched a campaign attacking the credibility of Hungarian NGOs and are striving to gain controlling power over their funding distributed independently from the government. We believe that a dynamic and independent civil society plays a fundamental role in a democratic society, as it is one of the key checks and balances to governing power.


  • Belgrade, 3/6/2014: POSTCARDS - Reminding authorities of the promises made in the campaign I sign

    razglednice-SRBIJA-LATINICA sThe first set of postcards to remind authorities of the promises made in the previous phase of the campaign I sign, was sent to decision-makers at the national level yesterday. Autonomous Women's Center and partner organizations in Nis, Vranje, Novi Sad, Kikinda, Uzice and Krusevac will continue to call for the responsibility of decision-makers at national and local level in relation to the promised changes to the law and the situation in the field of protection of women from violence.

    See the card here...

  • Belgrade, 3/6/2014: PERSONALIZED STAMP with the visual identity of the campaign I sign

    personalizovana marka1
    Autonomous Women's Center has printed a personalized stamp within the second phase of the campaign I sign. Information on the personalized stamp, which is dedicated to the promotion of the Council of Europe Convention on violence against women, will be published in the stamp catalogue. This fact has prompted the interest of philatelists to purchase stamps.

    Appendix: Text from the Catalog

  • 8/5/2014, Belgrade | PREUGOVOR: Report on Progress in Chapters 23 and 24

    prEUgovorThe report, created by the platform “prEUgovor”, is a result of scrupulous monitoring of the progress made in the areas related to obligations contained in political criteria and chapters 23 and 24, both in terms of legislative changes and the implementation of adopted legislation. It covers developments from September 2013 to April 2014 and its main aim is to draw attention to major concerns related to targeted areas.


  • 22/04/2014, Belgrade: OPEN LETTER

    The group of non-governmental organizations addressed the Open Letter to the public and the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, regarding the amendments to the series of laws which entered parliamentary procedure as matters of urgency, without public debate or consultations with professional community, demanding the urgent withdrawal of laws from procedure.


  • 23-24/4/2014, Ljubljana: SEMINAR: Development of a join proposal for unique administrative database on GBV

    ljubljanaRepresentatives of Autonomous Women’s Center and partner organizations from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Austria and Macedonia were preparing a join proposal for unique administrative database on GBV, at the seminar organized on 23-24 April 2014, by partner CSO Association SOS helpline.


  • 22/4/2014, Strasbourg: THE CONVENTION ENTERS INTO FORCE The Council of Europe Convention on violence against women enters into force in August 

    andora sAndorra became the 10th member state to ratify the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, triggering the entry into force on 1 August 2014. This ratification marks a new era in the promotion and protection of women’s human rights in Europe and beyond!

    The first EU treaty on violence against women and domestic violence, the Convention closes the gap in the protection of fundamental women human rights women by requiring states parties to prevent violence, protect its victims, prosecute the perpetrators, and to co-ordinate any such measures through comprehensive policies.

    More information available at:

  • 5/2/2013, Belgrade: ROUND TABLE What kind of Law on Free Legal Aid do we need

    The key imperfections of the Draft Law on Free Legal Aid were being discussed at the round table „What kind of Law on Free Legal Aid do we need“ organized on 5th of February 2014 by the Autonomous Women's Center, in cooperation with the organization Praxis and the coalition of civil society organizations, which consider that the current draft law is not good.

    PDF fileMinutes and conclusions of the round table "What type of Law on Free Legal Aid do we need?"

  • 30/12/2013, Belgrade: NGOs sent their comments to the Draft Law on FLA to the Ministry of Justice

    A group of non-governmental organizations providing free legal aid to the citizens of Serbia in the specific fields of human and minority rights protection have sent its general comments to the proposed Draft Law on Free Legal Aid to the Minister of Justice and the Working group for the elaboration of the Law on FLA.

    PDF fileGeneral comments to proposed Draft Law on Free Legal Aid Letter

  • Belgrade, 11 -12/11/2013: International Conference to Commemorate 20 Years of AWC Work

    11-12-11-2013Autonomous Women’s Center organized a two-day international conference “How the women’s movement influenced government policy” to mark 20th work anniversary. The conference was attended by 30 women's organizations from the region and 47 organizations from Serbia, as well as over 200 participants from state institutions and other organizations.


  • Recommendations on Universal Periodic Report on human rights respect in Serbia

    upr sRecommendations in regard to Universal Periodic Report for Republic of Serbia. Autonomous Women's Center, as organization woth consultartive status with UN ECOSOC, gave comments on this report. Universal Periodic Report (UPR) is new integral mechanism of the Council for Human Rights, for improving respect of human rights for every member state of UN. Read more:

    PDF fileRecommendations and pledges Serbia 2013

  • Geneva, July 15th-18th, 2013: Presentation of the Report Shadow over Serbia
    before the UN Committee for elimination of all forms of discrimination of women

    csw57Government delegation of the Republic of Serbia presented it's Second and Third periodic report on the implementation of the UN Convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination of women (CEDAW), at the 55th session of the UN Committee for elimination of all forms of discrimination of women, which was held on July 18th, 2013 in Geneva.


  • Report on advocacy actions of Autonomous Women’s Center in 2012

    During 2012, advocacy actions of AWC went in several directions in accordance with the objectives set forth in the AWC strategic documentand trends in the field of domestic violence, social policy and social inclusion at the national and local level. Due to elections and change of the government, those processes in 2012, were slowed down.  With the change of the government, the processes of legislative changes initiated by the previous government had been stopped and by the end of the year, the new government initiated rapid changes of a large number of system laws relating to the judiciary.

    PDF fileAutonomous Women’s Center Report on advocacy actions in 2012

  • 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, New York, 4th to 15th March 2013

    csw57Representatives of Autonomous Women's Center participated at the 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women from 4th to 8th of March 2013 in the UN Headquarters in New York. Priority theme of the session was “Elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls”. AWC submitted Written Statement on the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls in Serbia for the 57th session.

  • Autonomous Women's Center started implementation of the project “Coordinated efforts - toward new European standards in protection of women from gender based violence”, funded by the European Union.

    Overall objective of this project is to contribute to the establishment of comprehensive legal and policy solutions for protection against gender-based violence in the Western Balkans, as conditions for the realisation of democracy, human rights, social inclusion and harmonisation with EU values.


  • Round table to present initiatives for improving the system of mandatory maintenance (alimony)

    Autonomous Women's Center and Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit within the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration organized the round table to present initiative for improving the system of mandatory maintenance (alimony) on 20th of November 2012, in Belgrade. The round table was organized within the project “Towards Social Cohesion – influencing social inclusion policy for multiply marginalized groups of women and victims of violence”, which was funded by the European Union.


  • International conference “The poverty risks for women who have experienced violence and for multiple marginalized groups of women”

    Autonomous Women's Center organized the international conference “The poverty risks for women who have experienced violence and for multiple marginalized groups of women” on 8th of November 2012, in Belgrade. At the conference were presented key features and initiatives for improving social inclusion policies for women who have experienced violence and other marginalized groups of women in Western Balkan countries and the European Union. There were presented poverty risks for these groups of women in the midst of the financial crisis, with a special focus on the impact of reduced funding and cutbacks in services and benefits on women's rights in Europe.


  • Special consultative status for Autonomous Women's Center with the United Nations Economic and Social Council

    The United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at its Substantive Session of July 2012 adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and granted Special consultative status to Autonomous Women's Center.

  • Autonomous Women’s Center organize a Conference „New standards in protection of women from all forms of violence – toward ratification of the Council of Europe’s Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence”, that will take place on Tuesday, March the 20th 2012 at Center Sava in Belgrade.

    The aim of the Conference is to present the new “Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence” to professionals that provide protection from violence, as well as to the representatives of relevant Ministries. The Convention is the first legally binding international document in Europe which deals with the prevention of violence against women, protection of victims and punishment of perpetrators. Currently it is considered as the most advanced international instrument for human rights protection in this field.

    The Convention has been signed by 19 countries and ratified by one. The Convention in English is available on the website Council of Europe.

  • In November 2011, Autonomous Women’s Center sent to the relevant authorities of the City of Belgrade Amendments to the Decision on the Rights in the field of Social Protection of Belgrade (Belgrade City Official Gazette, no. 10/11) with the aim of achieving equality of all women victims of domestic violence in Belgrade related to material support.

  • Conference: "Monitoring the effects of policies and measures on combating violence against women" – 17th of November 2011
    The aim of this conference was to present the newly established Observatory on violence against women, an independent expert body tasked to monitor and assess the effects of policies and measures on combating violence against women. 


  • Campaign For the fund - Against inequality!
    From 17th to 24th October 2011, 24 women's civil society organizations from 20 cities in Serbia carried out campaign “For Fund-Against inequality” with the aim to establishing funds for the advancement position of women within the budgets on the national and local level. More on the campaign available on
    Campaign “For the fund - Against inequality!” was finished by sending prepared Decision on establishment of the Fund for the advancement of position of women on the national level and Amendments to the Law on Gender Equality to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

  • The Cost of Domestic Violence against Women is Serbia was calculated by the Autonomous Women's Center. Analysis includes only the cost of budget beneficiaries who operate under their respective competencies relating to combating domestic violence (direct measurable costs).

    The first analysis of this kind in Serbia indicates that the minimum budget costs of violence against women, including the costs of employees of the police enforcement, the judiciary and the social welfare and health care system (but not organizational and administrative costs of these services), amounted to between RSD 204.8 and 535.9 million in 2009 (EUR 2.2 – 5.7 million).

    It is estimated that the actual costs of domestic violence are several times higher including the immeasurable and hidden costs - lost economic output as a result of the disruption of employment, the human cost of pain and suffering, impaired health and the like. Thus calculated total costs for Serbian society in 2009, would have amounted to between RSD 1.6 and 4.1 billion (EUR 16.8 – 43.9 million).

    PDF fileThe cost of domestic violence against Women – Economic Aspects of Domestic Violence against Women in Serbia

    Autonomous Women’s Center and the Network for European Women’s Lobby Serbia launched an initiative to establish an independent expert body on violence against women – Observatory on violence against women. At the conference that was held in Belgrade on April 21st 2011, where presented activities of EWL, models of National Observatories of Denmark and Ireland, and experiences of Croatia and Serbia. Representatives of independent national bodies for the Protection of Human Rights - Ombudsman, Commissioner for Protection of Equality and the Commissioner for Information of Public Interest and the Protection of Personal Data spoke about their role in the monitoring and implementation of laws. Representatives of more than 20 women's NGOs in Serbia discussed the rationale, content and formal aspects of designing the future of an independent body. It was concluded that it would be best to form a working group. The working group will operate through a consultative process and create a platform for the establishment of the Observatory on Violence against Women by the end of September 2011. These activities are implemented as part of a project funded by the European Union.

  • Autonomous Women's Center has prepared Amendments to the Draft Law on Social Protection which is in a parliamentary procedure. Amendments were submitted to the authorised proponent: The Citizen's Defender (Ombudsperson).

    Proposed Amendments address new social services (parent-caregiver) and consistency in legal provisions related to the plurality of service providers.

  • Within the project “Civil Society for Governmental Accountability and Poverty Reduction in Serbia”, women civil society organizations from Serbia: Sandglass, Krusevac; Fenomena, Kraljevo; DamaD, Novi Pazar; Association of Roma Women Osvit, Nis; Lighthouse, Loznica; Women’s Center, Uzice and Autonomous Women’s Center, Belgrade monitored budget execution for 2009 on the local level and analyzed the integration of gender in specific budget programs. Analyses were published in the book For Poverty Reduction: Gender Equality and Accountable Government.  

    PDF fileFor Poverty Reduction: Gender Equality and Accountable Government
    (in Serbian)

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