Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Sigurnosni planWomen often can not avoid violent situations, but they can increase their safety and security. Statistics show that if the violence happened once, it will happen again.

The security plan is one of the most important steps to protect yourself and children from the perpetuator in the house. Plan makes you pre-prepared for the situation of violence and increases the chances of you and your child to survive future attacks...
koriceMirjana Wagner

This book arose from the need that every woman has the right to safety, protection and a life free of violence.

silovanje2-koriceManual for the family and friends of women who are survivors of sexual violence


Manual for women for a life without violence

Every third woman is physically abused by her partner, and every second psychologically. Many women are seriously injured or even killed. Violence occurs regardless of income, social status, education or religion of women.